‘Power Rangers’ Costume Photo

With San Diego Comic-Con starting tomorrow – as of this writing – it is only fitting that USA Today ran their Comic-Con preview yesterday. I wrote this at half midnight.

While USA Today covered various things that you can expect to see over the upcoming weekend at Comic-Con. The most interesting thing that was included in the preview was this photo of Lionsgate’s upcoming “Power Rangers” film set to be released next year.


Kimberly the Pink Ranger (from left, Naomi Scott),
From USA Today


A year and a half ago when Joseph Khan released his short film “Power/Rangers” and causing a kerfuffle with Saban, the prospect of doing a “Power Rangers” feature film had me raising red flags. The red flags were raised because of the way Saban wanted to control the public image of the “Power Rangers” franchise, and any film version would be akin to Joel Schumacher’s “Batman & Robin” rather than anything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (i.e. the kind of movie they should be making).

Between this photo of the actors as the Rangers in costume and the casting of Elizabeth Banks, RJ Cyler, and Bryan Cranston, I must say that I have lowered the red flags. It seems that Lionsgate is moving this “Power Rangers” project in the right direction.

The costumes do not look like they are costumes from a campy movie, they look like something that is a movie that is serious and wants to take the source material seriously. Banks and Cranston are great gets and will certainly add gravitas to the movie, and Cyler – based on “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – is a young actor with one hell of a career in front of him.

If Lionsgate is indeed moving this film in the direction it needs to be moving, only a trailer will be able to tell that. I do not know if Lionsgate plans on bringing any first-look footage of “Power Rangers” the convention – USA Today did not indicate that – if they do not bring footage, then a trailer for the film likely will not be coming until later this year.

For now, it appears that Lionsgate has been making the right moves with this “Power Rangers” project, right enough to quell the fears I had about the project and make this movie one of the movies I am most anticipating for next year. That may also be because I am wearing rose colored glasses when it comes to “Power Rangers.”

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