Alicia Vikander Cast as Laura Croft

According to The Wrap Academy Award-winning, actress Alicia Vikander has been cast as Lara Croft in an upcoming adaptation of  the video game”Tomb Raider.”

I love this bit of news coming from The Wrap. If it is true, they do not have a ton of other information available; The Wrap is a credible source. If it is in The Warp, it is only a matter of the other information becoming available.

I love Vikander; she was fantastic in “Ex Machina” and “The Danish Girl” and “The Testament of Youth,” all of which were released last year. She is a fantastic rising talent and getting a part in a big — hopefully — franchise would be a significant catalyst that sends her young career into the stratosphere.

Hopefully, this story develops, and Vikander is our new Lara Croft.

Also, as a fan of the “Tomb Raider” video game franchise, this film is based on the most recent incarnation of the franchise that began with “Tomb Raider” in 2013. That would make on hell of a picture.

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