‘Everybody Wants Some’ Review

Directed by Richard Linklater

Written by Richard Linklater

Starring: Will Brittain, Zoey Deutch, Ryan Guzman, Tyler Hoechlin, Blake Jenner, Glen Powell, and Wyatt Russell


“Everybody Wants Some” is a spiritual sequel to “Dazed and Confused,” all that means is that Richard Linklater wanted to revisit “Dazed and Confused,” but did not want to make a direct sequel to “Dazed and Confused.” In all honesty, the fact that “Everybody Wants Some” is a spiritual sequel to “Dazed and Confused” is irrelevant, nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

The highlight of “Everybody Wants Some” is the great ensemble. An ensemble that was highlighted by Glen Powell, who was a standout on “Scream Queens,” I enjoyed the movie more when he was on screen. The whole ensemble had a fantastic chemistry; they played off of each other well. They were all funny and natural, which made their character’s more believable. In a movie like “Everybody Wants Some,” the ensemble is vital. Linklater nailed the ensemble.

The thing that “Everybody Wants Some” lacks is a strong narrative. The movie is a movie is about the first weekend of college for Blake Jenner’s character, but the is not about anything – if that makes any sense at all. What I mean is that the movie has no deeper meaning. Glen Powell’s character does have a throwaway line that could have been a narrative. What Powell says is something about how they spent the past few nights at a disco, a country bar, and a punk rock show, and says something like that life is about finding who you are. That is your movie. Unfortunately, this is limited to a throwaway line in the middle of the movie.

Like “Dazed and Confused,” “Everybody Wants Some” has a killer classic rock soundtrack, and yes it includes the namesake Van Halen song, although Linklater missed the opportunity to play that song over the title card of the movie. The soundtrack was period appropriate for the late 1970s and early 1980’s, even if at least one of the songs was released after the fall of 1980 – which is when the movie takes place.

“Everybody Wants Some” is an enjoyable movie, fun time with a talented ensemble, although the movie’s lack of a strong narrative holds the film back from achieving the same greatness as its spiritual successor. I leave you with the words of the mighty Van Halen “Everybody wants some/ Baby, how ’bout you.”

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