Zack Snyder has an Interesting Idea for a Future Movie

Zack Snyder, director of the upcoming “Dawn of Justice,” is already thinking about future projects outside the DC Cinematic Universe.

Aside from “Dawn of Justice,” releasing March 25, Snyder is attached to direct both parts of DCCU’s “Justice League,” as well as serving as a producer on the other titles contained within the DCCU.

In an interview, Snyder gave to Bloomberg Business the director stated that he desires to make a movie about George Washington – specifically the Battle of Trenton – “in the style of ‘300.’”

With Snyder entrenched in the DCCU, it looks like this George Washington project if it comes to fruition at all, will not be coming anytime soon.

A “300”-esque movie about George Washington and The Revolutionary War done like “300,” would be interesting, to say the least. Well, as long as the film is more historically accurate than “300” was. The Battle of Trenton captured in the visual style that made “300” a fresh stylistic change when it was released in 2006, I’m sold.

The George Washington project would also be a good movie for Snyder to take on after spending so much of his time in the world of comic book superheroes, hence the historical accuracy comment. It will give Snyder a chance to explore new territory artistically and give him a more eclectic filmography.

This is assuming the project moves forward, which it likely will, unless “Dawn of Justice” completely bombs. Let’s face it “Dawn of Justice” is unlikely to bomb, at least commercially. If the titles in the DCCU, which Snyder is a producer also do well, then he will be able to push his Washington project through the Hollywood machine.

Snyder’s Washington project, at this time, is still only an idea. I will be waiting to see where this project gets regarding development. I hope it eventually gets developed, whether it is five or even ten years from now, I do not care. This Washington movie is something I want, no, need to see happen.

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