‘Dawn of Justice’ to get R-Rated Director’s Cut

The forthcoming “Dawn of Justice” will get a director’s cut for the DVD release.

The director’s cut of the movie has already received an R rating from The Motion Picture Association of America, according to a bulletin issued by the MPAA.

As Variety reports the director’s cut of “Dawn of Justice” will be referred to as the “Ultimate Edition.” It is unknown what the “Ultimate Edition” will contain, other than “sequences of violence,” per the bulletin.

Zack Snyder – director of “Dawn of Justice,” – is no stranger to releasing DVD director cuts. Snyder’s 2009 movie “Watchmen” received a director’s cut, that version of “Watchmen” contained 24 minutes of footage not in the theatrical release.


The R rating of the “Ultimate Edition” on one hand is an attempt by Warner Bros. to cash in on the blockbuster success of Fox’s “Deadpool.” “Deadpool” proved that R-rated superhero films can not only be successful, but they can be successful on a blockbuster scale. That is the only incentive for Warner Bros. to put out this information ahead of not only the theatrical release of the movie but also ahead of the DVD release.

On the other hand, the “Ultimate Edition” represents The MPAA’s failings as an organization. The R rating for “sequences of violence” is no different than the “intense sequences of violence and action throughout” given to the PG-13-rated theatrical cut of “Dawn of Justice.” “Intense” and “throughout” indicate a more violent movie than just “sequences.”

With a run time of 151 minutes, it is hard to imagine that Snyder had to make any significant cuts to “Dawn of Justice” – the theatrical cut of “Watchmen” ran 162 minutes, only 11 minutes longer than “Dawn of Justice.”

I do not know if this marketing gimmick will work for “Dawn of Justice” because the R rating is for the DVD, and the release of the DVD is, at least, five/six months away. I do not see the incentive to put this out now with the DVD that far off, nor do I see the incentive in using it to market the movie because this relates to the DVD, not the theatrical release.

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