Oscar Nominations

The nominations for the 88th annual Academy Awards have been announced this morning, full list here. There were few surprises with this year’s nominations, of the surprises some of the biggest were that “Straight Outta Compton” received one nomination for original screenplay, and Johnny Depp was not nominated, but then again Depp and Matt Damon were fighting it out for that fifth spot in the lead actor category. The biggest snub was for “The Hateful Eight” in hair and make-up. Kurt Russell’s mustache deserves an Oscar, damn it.

Let’s look at the major categories and make some preliminary predictions. Final predictions will come closer to the ceremony because many of the categories are too close to call right now. I am going to try and see all of them again to make final predictions.

Best Picture: “Spotlight” should win, but do not discount “The Revenant.”

Lead Actor: Eddie Redmayne could pull off the consecutive Oscar wins, but this year could see Leonardo DiCaprio win the Oscar he should have won for “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Unless Hollywood wants to pat itself on the back, then I can see Bryan Cranston winning.

Lead Actress: Brie Larson

Supporting Actor: This is a three horse race between Mark Rylance, Mark Ruffalo, and Sylvester Stallone. I think Sly could pull it off.

Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander, although Kate Winslet is stiff competition.

Animated Feature: “Inside Out”

Director: I am pulling for Adam McKay, but Alejandro Inarritu or even George Miller will probably take it.

Adapted Screenplay: “Room,” “The Big Short,” or “The Martian.”

Original Screenplay: “Ex Machina” or “Inside Out” might take it. “Spotlight” and “Stright Outta Compton” could win it as well.

And also, because I thought the costumes in the movie were that amazing, “Cinderella” for the costume category.

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