The Worst Movies of 2015

It is the end of the year and thus it is time to list out the worst movies of the year.

Dishonorable Mentions:


And the most disappointing movie of the year

The Worst Movies of the Year:

This movie was what I fear the upcoming “Deadpool” might be, a PG-13 movie dressed in an R movie’s skin. All “Scouts Guide” ends up being is a discount “Zombieland.”

This movie was in the running for the most disappointing movie of the year because of the talent involved: Camron Crowe, Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, etc. However, this film was a mess; it was a relationship drama with subplot taken out of the trash can of the James Bond writer’s room in the 1990’s.

For those who were starting think that Netflix’s original content was infallible, I give the latest Adam Sandler movie, the first in a four picture deal by the way. This film makes “A Million Ways to Die in the West” (not going to lie, that is a total guilty pleasure of mine) look like “Blazing Saddles.”

This movie was a good concept that quickly turned into a train wreck, probably because it was from Warner Bros. and not Disney.


I liked the video game stuff in this movie, I did, but the rest of the movie was a later era Adam Sandler movie. “Fun fact”: there is now a generation who have not seen a good Adam Sandler movie.


What do you get when you mix unmemorable action scene, CGI car stunts, and store brand Jason Statham? You get this movie.


A possession film where the possessed person gets possessed so the Devil can turn her into the Anti-Christ, for reasons that are entirely unknown. No, she is the Anti-Christ, and you do not know why the devil choose her because the movie I guess.

This movie is an essentially an expensive music video. When I saw it, literally, half the audience walked out, there were six in the theater when the movie started and only three when it ended.

A talented young cast and a director who showed some promise with his previous feature, a sure-fire hit, right? Well, not exactly. Fun fact: you can tell how bad the movie is getting by how blonde Kate Mara’s hair is. The blonder her hair is, the worse the movie gets.


This movie is part coming of age story, part “Behind the Music,” part “Hanna Montana,” part Google Maps transition shots, and all terrible. I was literally the only one in the audience when I saw it; I had the whole theater to myself. The one good thing about this movie is that Juliette Lewis is a professional, she was good in the film. I cannot believe a movie with a keytar failed this hard.

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