The Best Movies of 2015

It is time to ring in the new year with the best movies of 2015.

Honorable Mentions:

These movies I liked or loved for various reason, but they did not make the top ten.



The Best Movies of the Year:


Kenneth Branagh directs a magical adaptation of “Cinderella” with brilliant production design and gorgeous Oscar caliber costumes. Lily James impeccably cast as Cinderella, and she looked stunning in that ball gown. This movie is everything you want “Cinderella” to be and then some.


This movie is the most terrifying film of the year, and it is not a horror film. Adam McKay delivers a brilliant, timely dark comedy that makes complicated information easy to understand. Also, Margot Robbie in a bubble bath.


The second consecutive Western from Quentin Tarantino is better than his previous one because it is more than a Western. It is a locked-room mystery a la Agatha Christie in a Western setting.


A wonderfully directed and well-scripted drama told from the perspective of a child. With a strong performance from Brie Larson “Room” is one of the reasons why the lead actress race for this year’s Academy Awards is an interesting one to watch.


An intense look at the drug trade in the American Southwest and Mexico. The movie is not just violent for violence sake.


Matthew Vaughn’s throwback to spy movies of old think the Sean Connery-era James Bond films. It was action packed, fast paced, and had one of the best actions scenes ever put on film.



A simple story reliant on adrenalized pacing, a strong female protagonist, and mostly practical effects and stunt work made the latest entry in the “Mad Max” series a breath of fresh air in a market filled with blockbusters that have been too reliant on CGI.


A movie that uses only three actors and one central location to talk about the state of artificial intelligence in society. This film, “Testament of Youth,” and “The Danish Girl” cemented Alicia Vikander as 2015’s breakout star. A real modern sci-fi classic.


The best ensemble of the year carries this well-scripted, expertly directed drama about the Boston Globe’s investigation of child sex abuse in the Boston Archdiocese. This film is the “All the President’s Men” of the twenty-first century.


Pixar’s best movie since “Toy-Story 3,” it is layered, complex, and contains a lot of subtlety about the human emotional condition. This film is the “Citizen Kane” of animated features.


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