‘Rambo: New Blood’ in Works at Fox

Variety is reporting that Fox has a TV series based on the “Rambo” movies. The series to be titled “Rambo: New Blood” will be produced by Sylvester Stallone and Avi Lerner, with a script by Jeb Stuart. The series will focus on the relationship between Rambo and his son. It is currently not confirmed whether Stallone will reprise the Rambo role for the series. Stallone will be reprising the role on the big screen for “Rambo: Last Blood.”

“Rambo: New Blood” will be joining a growing trend of TV shows adapted from movies. Shows like CBS’s “Limitless” was picked up for a full season, while Fox’s “Minority Report” had its episode order reduced by three. Sometimes this move works, and sometimes it does not work out so well.

The story of Rambo and his son is probably a story better told in the Television format because as a movie it would end up being something like “A Good Day to Die Hard.” I do not think anyone wants to see “A Good Day to be Rambo.”

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