Reese Witherspoon Developing a Biopic About the Creator of the Barbie Doll

According to The Wrap Reese Witherspoon is developing “Barbie and Ruth” with her company, Pacific Standard, and Bold Films. The movie is based on Robin Gerber’s 2010 book “Barbie and Ruth: The Story of the Worlds Most Famous Doll and the Woman Who Created Her” which cornicles the story of Ruth Handler and the creation of the iconic Barbie doll.

Witherspoon and her partner, Bruna Papandrea, started Pacific Standard in 2012 with the intent to champion films made by and about women, because of the dearth of those kinds of projects existing in Hollywood. A movie like “Barbie and Ruth” would be something that is right up the alley of Pacific Standard because “Barbie and Ruth” is the story of an American cultural icon. An icon that is marketed towards young girls and is fundamental in the youth of many American girls going all the way back to 1959. The story is not only that, but it is also the story of the business woman who created her. In the simplest terms “Barbie and Ruth” is the story of an icon created for women by women.

If a story like the one told in “Barbie and Ruth” is the kind of story that Pacific Standard wants to promote then they are the type of company that should be behind such a project.

Witherspoon is also the potential star of the film, no director or writer is as of yet attached to the project.


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