Universal Reviving Classic Monster Movie Characters

After a record box office year, Universal is planning to resurrect its old monster movies. As Variety reports, Universal is planning to create a Marvel/DC style shared universe for its classic monster characters. This universe Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan, of “Transformers” and “Furious 7” respectively will helm the universe. Universal plans to release one of these films a year starting with “The Mummy,” which I believe has a 2016 or 2017 release.

Because the horror genre has been too reliant on found footage and gory torture porn, that Universal should remake their old monster movies. I think that reintroducing these movies to a contemporary will give the horror genre the kick in the butt it desperately needs.

However, doing a shared a monster universe in a style akin to Marvel and DC would be a huge mistake for Universal. One, the superhero movies are not only approaching the point of oversaturating the market but is also approaching the point of diminishing returns. Two, not everything needs to be a part of a connected universe. In superhero movies, it makes sense because the comics have the various characters interact and share story arcs.

The monsters do not need to interact in this way; they can exist within their self-contained stories. Many of these characters are important parts of cinematic history, and when introduced to the modern audiences they should retain their individual narratives. Yes, people of a certain age, they use to make movies that were not all connected to one another.

I am on board with Universal bringing back their classic monsters, but not by using a standard hallmark of the superhero movies.

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