Southpaw to be Re-Released for Awards Season

Coming from Variety, the Jake Gyllenhaal boxing drama Southpaw will be re-released starting on October 2nd, on over 300 screens. This move was perpetrated by The Weinstein Company to give the film serious awards consideration. Southpaw released back in June, is still eligible for awards consideration because it released within the calendar year. However, the studios tend to campaign for the films released during this “awards season” instead of films that received earlier releases. This practice leads to two things, one is that there is a perceived “awards season”, and two the freshest in the judges mind mentality that the awards have. That’s why every year it seems like only the films that get a release in the second half of the year are the only films that get nominated. That is because those are the films that the studios campaign to get the nominations. In that way, the awards season is very much like running for president, you campaign to get the people of America to vote for you. The studios campaign AMPAS and HFPA to vote for particular films.

Re-releasing Southpaw for the typical awards season is a shrewd a move on Weinstein’s part. If this move proves successful, maybe other films will follow suit or better yet maybe the whole freshest in the judges mind mentality will drop from the awards race altogether. I am also willing to be that this was the same reason that Dope was re-released earlier in September because that movie too received a summer release.

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