Sam Smith Releases Spectre Theme “Writing’s on the Wall”

Yesterday (25th September) Sam Smith unleashed unto the world his next single and the theme song for the upcoming Bond movie Spectre, “Writings on the Wall”. The funny thing about the song is that it is a ballad and a rather wimpy sounding ballad at that. That is funny because late last year Ed Sheeran had tackled the rumors that he would be involved by saying his music lacked the balls for a Bond theme and endorsed Smith for the job. Now that Smith has finally delivered the song; it is kind of funny that Sheeran felt that way. On a personal level I was hoping for something that sounded more like Tom Jones’ “ Thunderball”, instead the song turned out to be more like Shirley Bassey’s “Moonraker”.

To the credit of “Writing’s on the Wall,” it is not a bad song. The song has a lovely orchestral theme that runs throughout it; That theme is what you would want a slow string section on a Bond ballad to sound. Although, one personal criticism, I would have reprised the theme one more time to close out the song rather than end it with the hanging lyric. Unfortunately for Smith his Bond theme will not be on the memorable Bonde theme spectrum like the aforementioned “Thunderball”  or Wings’ classic “Live and Let Die”. Although, he is fortunate in that it is not on the other end of the spectrum with Jake White and Alicia Key’s “Another Way to Die” or Madonna’s “Die Another Day” either.

P.S. I have always believed that Bruce Springsteen had already written the perfect theme song for Spectre back in 1982, “Murder Incorporated”.

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