Before We Go Review

Before We Go

Directed by Chris Evans

Written by Ronald Bass

Starring: Chris Evans and Alice Eve

Late one night in Grand Central Station, in New York City, a man (Evans) has a chance encounter with a woman (Eve) who had just missed the last train to Boston. The two strangers proceed to spend the rest of the night together (not in that way, get your minds out of the gutter) and a romance between the two blossoms.

Before We Go is a romance story that covers the first six hours or so of a relationship between these two strangers. Over those six hours, the audience sees the two strangers become acquainted and a romance blossom between them.  This film succeeds as an examination of a blossoming relationship. These two characters at the start of the movie are total strangers, by the end of the story they have built a relationship over the past six hours. While the film blossoms the romance successfully, the romance does not go anywhere. All the romance between the characters does is blossom. It does not develop, and it comes across as a glorified one-night stand between the two characters. The apparent lack of development in the relationship results from the films ambiguous end to the characters story.

Before We Go is the directorial debut of Chris Evans, and he makes an actor’s movie. The film centered on the performance of both Evans and Eve. Both of them give excellent performances, and they play through the stages of a budding romance perfectly. As a first directing effort, Evans makes a good film. He reveals the circumstances around each of the characters place in a story by slowly parceling out bits of each of their stories in turn. A bit of Eve’s story is revealed, followed by a bit Evans’ story. Before We Go an actor’s film, because of this there is petite driving action in terms of the plot. Aside from the obvious reason, it becomes quickly apparent that Eve has no reason to keep hanging around Evans. Between parceling out the each of the characters circumstances, nothing engaging happens. You get Eve’s story, and then nothing, Evans’ story, then nothing and so on and so forth.

Overall, Before We Go is a decent first directorial project for Chris Evans, which includes excellent performances and a well-blossomed romance. The movie does suffer from a thin plot and a relationship that does not go past the blossoming stage. Before We Go receives, by a narrow margin, 3/5.   

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