Z for Zachariah Review

Z for Zachariah

Directed Craig Zobel

Written by Nissar Modi

Starring: Margot Robbie, Chris Pine, and Chiwetel Ejiofor

Following a nuclear holocaust, which ends known civilization, a young woman (Robbie) is living in an uncontained stretch of the valley. With the arrival of two men (Ejiofor and Pine), she learns that she is not the only survivor.

Z for Zachariah excels in the direction and the cast of the film. Zobel manages to create a compelling character drama with only three actors, a valley, and a limited plot. The film having only three actors and one location is one of those movies that feel like a play. While there are a few of these types of films that appear from time to time. They are still few enough that when on does come along it is refreshing to see among crowded films with an increasing amount of green screen sets.  The three lead, and only actors, in the movie all, give fantastic performances. Pine, Ejiofor, and Robbie play well off each other, and they create interesting character dynamics that sell another wise slow-paced movie.

Z for Zachariah as mentioned above fails in two particular areas, limited plot, and slow pace. The plot of the film essentially boils down to the three characters having to complete a particular project. The film lacks conflict and tension among the characters. There is an underdeveloped romantic entanglement between the three characters. What could have been an interesting subplot in the movie is given a throwaway subplot status, and is quickly taken out of the film when it starts to pick up. The other failing is the slow pace of the movie. The pace of the film is a failing because of the lack of driving action in the film, without anything pushing the characters the movie drags.

Z for Zachariah is a well-directed and well-acted character drama despite being slow and having a limited plot. Z for Zachariah receives 3.25/5.

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