We Are Your Friends Review

We Are Your Friends

Directed by Max Joseph

Written by Max Joseph and Meaghan Oppenheimer

Starring: Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski, Shilo Fernandez, Alex Shaffer, Jonny Weston and Wes Bentley

A young up and coming DJ (Efron) looking to make it on the electronic music scene in Los Angeles, finds a mentor in a more seasoned DJ (Bentley). However, the up and comer ends up in a trist with his mentors girlfriend (Ratajkowski), and he must make some serious life decisions.

We Are Your Friends has a solid cast. The three leads of the movie, Efron, Bently, and Ratajkowski were excellent in the film. Efron and Ratajkowski had decent chemistry together and made a good screen couple. Bentley was the best part of the movie. The scenes between he and Efron were the most interesting parts of the film. Their characters had a good mentor/student relationship that fractures then rebuilds. We Are Your Friends also serves as a useful Behind the Music type story of an electronic music DJ. That was the best stuff in the movie; the Efron/Bently relationship and Efron going through and establishing himself on the scene were the most interesting parts of the film.

While Efron and Ratajkowski were good in the movie and had good chemistry, the love story between their characters drags the film down. It was the whole she was the mentors girl forbidden love thing. Honestly, it is mostly a throwaway subplot. The arc between the two characters gets partially developed, everything in the relationship happens too suddenly. Most of this film feels like a music video. All of the transition shots in the movie were shots of people dancing to this so-called music, and it made it feel like an expensive music video. I read an article in Forbes several months ago that said something like 12% of millennials (the generation depicted in We Are Your Friends) they surveyed for this report were will pay their dues. That means very few people in this age group are willing to climb the career ladder so to speak, and many of the characters in this film are representative of that mentality. Efron and his friends want to get out of the valley and frequently ask themselves are we ever going to be better than this? They never take the adequate steps to be better than that.

We Are Your Friends is nothing more than an expensive music video that offers nuggets of a more entertaining movie. We Are Your Friends receives 2/5.

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