Some Kind of Beautiful Review

Some Kind of Beautiful

Directed by Tom Vaughan

Written by Matthew Newman (No, it is not me, I would have written a better movie)

Starring Pierce Brosnan, Jessica Alba, Selma Hayek, and Malcolm McDowell

Aside from Some Kind of Beautiful being about a poetry professor (Brosnan) enters into a relationship with a woman who was his student (Alba), and then ends up with her step-sister (Hayek). I can not tell you what this movie was about really.

The cast of Some Kind of Beautiful was the only redeeming quality of the film. Brosnan, Alba, Hayek and McDowell all gave solid performances.

The script for Some Kind of Beautiful was a mess. The whole movie was a series of subplots all trying to be the primary plot of the film. I did not know whether the main plot was the relationship drama between Brosnan, Alba, and Hayek; the father/son story between McDowell and Brosnan; or if it was Brosnan’s immigration thing. The dissolution of the relationship between Alba and Brosnan happens too suddenly, there is no build up to it, and it just kind of happens. Frankly, the film drags. This movie is the longest 99 minutes I have ever spent in the theater.

Some Kind of Beautiful was a film that had kernels of a good movie somewhere in it but suffers from an unfocused script. Some Kind of Beautiful receives 2/5.  

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