Trainwreck Review

Trainwreck a romantic comedy directed by Judd Apatow, written by Amy Schumer, starring Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Collin Quinn, Brie Larson, Tilda Swinton and LeBron James. Trainwreck is the story of Amy (Schumer) who is a woman non-committal and comfortable in her sexuality. Through work, she has to write an article on Aaron (Hader), a sports doctor, and then they fall in love and commence the standard romantic comedy formula. Just because Trainwreck follows the typical romantic comedy formula does not mean that it was not an enjoyable film. It was enjoyable because the film is a well-executed romantic comedy.

That being said one of the greatest strengths of the film is the film’s cast. Schumer and Hader were great in the film and had excellent chemistry. However, the strength in the cast came from the supporting cast. Tilda Swinton was great as Schumer’s boss, and she was unrecognizable, I did not know that was even her until I saw her name in the credits. Swinton looks like an entirely different person. Collin Quinn as the father was fantastic, and by fantastic, I mean he was award caliber. Daniel Radcliff and Marisa Tomei using dogs as sexual double-entendre in the film’s film within the film were hysterical. The biggest surprise was the performance of LeBron James. James is funny in the film and proves that he has some comedic chops, he was not quit his day job good, but he provided a solid supporting performance. The other strength of the film was Schumer’s script. The film was full of laughs, it was witty, and it was full of heart. The best about Schumer’s script was that the lead character was a female. While there have been rom-coms made prior to this film that had female leads in Trainwreck Schumer’s character is an archetypal masculine character. In the standard rom-com, the masculine character is the character that throughout the film changes his ways. Because the male meets the girl and the formula dictates that to be with the girl the guy has to change his ways. In Trainwreck Schumer fulfills that archetype, and in the other female lead rom-coms the female lead is still a feminine character.

One of the films weaknesses was that the sister relationship between Larson and Schumer was underutilized. In the film, the relationship that Schumer has with Larson is the most important relationship that she has, with the possible exception of the one between her and her father. I thought that it was a mistake to underuse this relationship; it is just an aside throughout the movie that only comes in when it needs to be there, you know because drama. I thought that that relationship needed a much bigger emphasis on it. The only other con that I have with the film is that it runs just a little too long. There a few points throughout the film where the film just drags, and, to be frank, there are easily about twenty minutes that can be cut out of the film. Runtime has often been a criticism that Apatow receives on his films, so that is not a surprise, but still it does drag.

Overall Trainwreck is an enjoyable film, full of yucks and has a stellar supporting cast. Although it is a little long and underuses an important character relationship, I would say Trainwreck is a 3.75/5.

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