Live-Action Aladdin Prequel in the Works at Disney

According to Collider Disney is working on a live-action prequel to its 1992 animated classic, and one of my personal favorite Disney movies, Aladdin. The project will be titled Genie and will obviously center on the story of Genie prior to the events of Aladdin. With the box office success of previous live-action adaptations of the stories that Disney had previously comprised their animated classics. The studio has put a ton of projects into development based on adapting their animated classics into live-action films. However, as this article from Collider points out this project is one of the most interesting. That is because this project highlights what these live-action adaptions can be at their best, which is that the adaptation provide a different take on a story that Disney had already told. Instead of just turning the animated film into a live-action film.  There is one thing that looms over this project that the other projects do not, Robin Williams. Whomever that Disney casts as in the role of Genie will have a huge shadow hanging over them. Disney will have to cast someone who on one hand has the comedic chops and, on the other hand, will not just do an impression of Robin Williams for 90 minutes. Nevertheless, I will be keeping an eye on how this project develops.

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