ABC’s The Muppets to Have a Mature Tone

It looks ABC’s upcoming Muppets show The Muppets will contain “surprisingly mature humor”, from Collider, a link to the article is provided below. I would not say that this revelation is necessarily surprising because it is something that makes perfect sense. The article mentions that Bill Prady had spent ten years trying to convince ABC to go forward with the show. So, ABC putting in prime time it makes sense that the humor would be skewing towards a more mature tone. In prime time, a show like The Muppets is a show that would have to play to a general audience. That means that the show would have to appeal to the older audience that had grown up with the Muppets in the 1970’s and 1980’s, while also to the younger audience that are coming to the Muppets more recently. With this show, ABC is in a position of having to appeal to both of those audiences, and this is the shrewdest move that ABC can make. Giving the humor in the show a more mature tone the show is now a show that has appeal to a general audience. Frankly, the only thing that is surprising about the more mature of the new Muppets show is that a show with characters generally marketed towards children is producing this type of tone.

This is exciting news because people who grew up with the Muppets can sit down to enjoy this show without feeling as if they are watching a show made specifically for children. Also, because these characters are marketed primarily to children they can sit down and look at the show with their children without the worry of it being too inappropriate.  A mature tone does not necessarily mean for an adult audience exclusively. It means, particularly in a prime time television time slot, that there are jokes that are placed specifically for adults but executed in a way that is meant to be consumed by a general audience. This is one of the new shows that are debuting this fall that I am highly anticipating.

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