Minions Review

Minions the film about the little creatures from Despicable Me was an excellent film for children though not much else. These characters are fine secondary comic relief characters but are the kind of characters that can carry their film, at least not a future. This film would have made a fine, and probably should have been a short film attached to the upcoming third Despicable Me. One the minions speak only in that gibberish language of theirs leading a film built on slapstick and sight gags. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, the reliance on those kinds of gags makes the film quickly repetitive and frankly boring. However, there were redeeming qualities in this film one is Sandra Bullock as Scarlett Overkill. Her performance is certainly one of the great voice-over performances in recent years, and maybe even in the upper echelon of VO performances of all time. The other thing was that while having too many sight gags and slapstick gags made the film repetitive, there were some that were great, i.e. the Nixon campaign poster in the scene when the minions first arrive in New York.

The minion characters may not be able to hold their feature, but the film is one that children will indeed enjoy. Beyond that, there is not much to Minions, and it becomes dull rather quickly so I would give the film 2.25/5.

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