Ben Affleck to Direct and Write Next Batman Film

Ben Affleck will be directing and co-writing DC/Warner Bros. next Batman film, from Deadline, link below. While this is not exactly surprising news, because just about anyone could have told when Affleck was cast as Batman that he would also be directing the next Batman solo film. You do not get Ben Affleck in a role like this without the directing option. If DC/Warner Bros. had offered Affleck Batman and told him that he could not direct the next Batman project, he would have turned them down. Batman is an important franchise role, and DC appears to be taking after Marvel and building their slate of films into a contained universe. So, that means Affleck would have a multi-film deal that would span a few years, and I do not think he would have accepted the role without the directing offer. Affleck has proven himself to be an exceptional director and should have won the Academy Award for Argo. The more surprising thing is that Affleck an Academy Award-winning screenwriter (Good Will Hunting) will also be co-writing the Batman project with DC’s Geoff Johns. Let us not forget that Affleck is an award-winning writer. Outside of Good Will Hunting he only a few other writing credits (including Gone Baby Gone and The Town).  If he wants to write the film too, I think Batman is in good hands. If the next Batman is a bust then as the writer, director and star of it guess who is to blame. Between his directing and writing credits, he has proven that he has far more talent behind the camera than he did in front of it. Since stepping behind the camera, his on-camera work as drastically improved as well.The release date for the Batman project has not been set yet.

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