Amy Review

Amy the documentary about singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse is a well-conceived documentary about the rise and tragic fall of the late singer. It was a fascinating and insightful watch, outside of the whole drug thing there was not much I knew about the life of Winehouse. It was fascinating to see how certain people in her life may have had a particular influence on the path that her life would eventually take. At times Amy affirms what a talent Winehouse truly was, there is a scene where they isolate the vocal track on “Back to Black”, and she had one hell of a voice. But, there are also other times when Amy is just devastating, mostly watching what she was going through with the drugs and how that affected her and those around her. The fascinating part of Amy was not the insights that it provided, but that the film used mostly home video footage. This personal footage helped the film to paint an intimate portrait of Winehouse. Amy through its insights and home video footage tells a very intimate story of a public figure and does so to great effect. Amy gets an easy 5/5.

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