The Overnight Review

The Overnight is a comedy, but not the kind that is full of yuck yucks, or one that has a joke a minute. The Overnight is more not quirky, but I guess dry or maybe absurdist is a good word for it. It certainly has a particular style of humor that is not “traditional” humor. Once you get used to the humor style, the film has a strong script that is well developed. There was not anything in the movie that, I at least, felt needed to be touched on more than it was. The cast was excellent, it was only four people, and those four manage to make an interesting and engaging film. On top of only featuring four actors, the whole film takes place over one night at the one couple’s house, so the film feels like a play. I like that because I like the theater, but I can see how that might be a turn-off for some people, but it works in spades for this film. I do not think that this film would have worked the way it did in a more traditional film type format. As I pointed out at the top of this review, the humor style is a little odd, and it does take some time to get used to that style. Other than that I would have liked Mark Duplass to be involved in the film at more than an executive producer role. I would have liked to see him as the non-Adam Scott character or even co-write the script. Overall The Overnight is an enjoyable film, especially once you get used to the odd humor style, 3.9/5.

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