Lord and Miller to Direct Star Wars Anthology Film

This news is coming from an article in The Hollywood Reporter, a link to the article provided below. Lord and Miller coming on to direct what appears to be the next Star Wars anthology film after Rouge One as there is a tentative May 2018 release date given for the project, and this is a project that is separate from the project that Josh Trank left back in the spring (the much rumored Boba Fett movie). The project that Lord and Miller will helm is to be centered on a young Han Solo. While I do have, hesitations of a young Han Solo film because I do not want some young whippersnapper of an actor do a Harrison Ford impression for two hours. Personally I believe that someone playing Han, in what I can only assume is during his smuggler/Kessel Run days, that they need to play him as part Ford’s space cowboy thing with a bit of James Cagney gangster and Humphrey Bogart noir detective. Despite that I do have full faith that Lord and Miller will produce something of quality because of their previous work on The Lego Movie, 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street (which I would argue is one of the best comedy sequels of all time). Feel free to leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments, or maybe you are more like me and think they should have done an Obi-Wan film between III and IV before going to Han Solo leave that opinion too.


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