Terminator: Genisys Review

While Terminator: Genisys is not great and is what only amounts to an only decent sequel, although it is more of a sequel/remake-reboot hybrid in the vein of Jurassic World. It is the sequel that should have been made following  Terminator 2: Judgment Day. I have not seen, nor do I care to see the one they made with Christian Bale. Frankly, the only reason that Genisys appeared on radar at all leading up to its release was that Emilia Clarke was playing Sarah Conner in this iteration. Clarke was great as the heroine of the film. Clarke and the visuals were the pros of the film. The FX shots were well done and looked great, and, for the most part, did not look like the CGI overload that they were. There was only one scene where I was sitting there and thought to myself “Yep; that was all done with CGI”. At this point where FX shots are all done with CGI, then I define GCI overload as sitting there and constantly saying to yourself “Wow, that is a lot of CGI”.

The cons of the film are that the T 1000 in this film is a rehash of the T 1000 from Judgement Day. The plot of the movie made it feel like you were watching two different movies. There is the 1984 plot that I thought there was enough there when combined with the post-judgment day bits, to carry the film. There would be plot threads involving both Sarah and John Connor that run parallel ala The Godfather Part II. Then there is the 2017 plot, which could (should?) have been the plot to the sequel to this movie. Having both plots in the film made it feel like X-Men: The Last Stand, where both of the plots individually are interesting and could make solid films, however putting both together does neither justice. There is also the fact that this otherwise decent action film contains not memorable action set pieces.

That only leaves one thing left to touch on, the fact that in the second round of marketing for this film they spilled the beans on the fact that John Connor is a terminator. Is that something that should have been kept secret until the film rolled out, yes, did it affect the movie itself, only a little. The only damage it did was it took away the surprise of the reveal from the audience. However, the far more interesting thing about using this particular plot device is why it was implemented and its ramifications. That is something that Genisys now adds to the franchise as a whole, although if they make a sequel to Genisys I do not know where they would take it.

Overall, Terminator: Genisys is a decent action film with a great heroine and well-done FX, but lacking memorable action set pieces and not fully realizing either of the films plots. Genisys is a 2.5/5. Feel free to comment and discuss.

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