Ted 2 Review

Ted 2 is not a great movie per se, but it is still a fine film. The film is a solid sequel and when it comes to a comedy sequel that is the best-case scenario. Most comedy sequels are not 22 Jump Street or Christmas Vacation. Most of them are either like Caddy Shack 2, on one hand, a movie that only is talked about when you mention movies so bad they should have never been made. On the other hand, the will wind up like The Hangover Part II where the film may be successful but are just the same movie. Ted 2 is fine a sequel because it delivers the laughs, and it does so in a way that is what the audience wants without resorting to just making Ted again.

The pros for this film are that most of the jokes do land, although they are standard Seth Macfarlane fare; absurd and loaded with pop cultural references. The fact that they are standard for Macfarlane is not necessarily a bad thing because there was a gag in the film that I enjoyed, which revolved around one of the characters being pop-culturally illiterate. The cons of the movie are that the jokes are not as rapid fire as the first, and there is some space between the jokes that land and ones that do not land. There is one gag in particular which Macfarlane recycled from Family Guy. I did not mind it too much because he reworks the gag in a way that works for both Ted the character and Ted the movie. The one big con in this film is that I am sure that Ted’s quest for personhood is particularly an allegory for the recognizing of same-sex marriage. While I am a fan of films that are socio-political allegories because the Supreme Court have recognized same-sex marriage so soon after the release of the film the weight of the allegory is lost and seems irrelevant.

Overall, I would say that Ted 2 is a 2.85/5 because it is still an enjoyable film, but because the jokes are not rapid fire, it comes across as dull in places. If you are a fan of Macfarlane, as I am, then you will find enjoyment in this film. Did you see Ted 2? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions.

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