Could Jurassic World dethrone Avatar?

Could Jurassic World pass Avatar for the top box office gross? From The Wrap, personally, I doubt it for two reasons; one is the gross of Inside Out, and two is the release of Terminator: Genisys within a fortnight. As to reason one, while Inside Out is only tracking around 60 million, but that can change because going into the weekend American Sniper was expected gross around 60-70 million. Those numbers changed as the numbers were coming in over the weekend. Inside Out will still prove enough competition to the legs that Jurassic World needs to get 2.7 billion because PIXAR films always do good business, especially when the film well received. So, Inside Out will probably be performing well throughout its run. Moving on to reason two, Terminator is a wide release that is playing on IMAX screens which cannibalizes on that portion of the box office that at this point belongs exclusively to World. I do not think there are any IMAX films coming between now and Terminator nor do I believe there are any other IMAX showings other than World.

Also, this article from The Wrap makes comparisons to the box office performance of The Avengers in 2012. The Avengers only went on to gross to 1.5 billion worldwide, even if World meets the tracking for this weekend following Avengers numbers it would not have the legs to get to 2.7. I also believe that Inside Out will slightly exceed its tracking and which would certainly be even more detrimental to World’s chances. Finally, because World has already opened in China a market that adds a substantial amount to a film’s worldwide take. With it already playing in China and because of the competition, I would be slightly surprised if Jurassic World manages to cross the 2.7 billion threshold.     

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