Groucho Marx Biopic to be Directed by Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie to direct a biopic about Groucho Marx, this coming from an article published in Variety (link below). I am not much of a horror guy because my philosophy is that once you have one horror film, in any of the subgenres, then you have seen them all. The horror genre more than any other is formulaic. However, I have seen one of Zombie’s pictures, I think it was House of 1000 Corpses; I did like his work as a director on it. His in development Broad Street Bullies film and now this Marx biopic, I am excited for because I want to see what Zombie is capable of outside of the horror genre. Oren Moverman, who had written the fantastic Brian Wilson biopic Love and Mercy, is also writing this film and this spikes my interest in this project because Love and Mercy is one of my favorite movies so far this year.

The only thing I read in the article that I did not like was that the film is about Marx’s later life. As a fan of the Marx Brothers, it makes me wonder how much if any, of that story, will be included. Although Moverman did do a fantastic job of giving a look at both the older and the younger Brian Wilson, ala The Godfather Part II, in Love and Mercy. So, if any of the Marx Brothers stories appears in the film, I am sure that it will be well done.

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