Some details on the upcoming Power Rangers movie

It looks like the upcoming Power Rangers movie will be using the classic Mighty Morphing incarnation. This news is coming from Schmoes, via Heroic Hollywood, a link is below with more details. However, I did notice that the story did not mention the tone that the movie will be taking. I think it will be a mistake to go entirely with what Joseph Kahn did in his short film a few months ago. You will lose the young kids who are fans of whatever the current incarnation of Power Rangers. It would also be a mistake to cater to that younger audience specifically because then they lose the audience made up of people like me who grew up with the Power Rangers. Ideally, the tone of the film should be like Marvel. Enough superhero so that dad feels comfortable bringing little Johnny to the movie but mature enough to sell to the older demographic.

The film flowing the Mighty Morphing incarnation does increase my excitement for it, although I do want to wait for something hinting at the tone or casting before I can say I am genuinely excited about it.

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