Kingsman 2, Matthew Vaughn Could Return to Direct

It looks like Matthew Vaughn wants to direct the sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service, which he is currently writing. This news is coming from Schmoes, which they got from an interview Vaughn did with Yahoo, link provided below. This news is exciting because Vaughn did not return to direct Kick-Ass 2, which while an ok sequel just did not work without Vaughn at the helm. Therefore, there is, as of now, hope for the sequel to Kingsman because with Vaughn returning to helm it I hope that it will be more than just an ok sequel. Vaughn is saying he wants to do it, not that he is doing it. So, this could change, and there are could various reasons why Vaughn could drop the project. If that happens, I will be a little more apprehensive about the sequel because of Kick-Ass 2, but right now I am looking forward to seeing how the sequel will shape up.

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