Jurassic World Review

If you ever wanted to see Jurassic Park only not directed by Steven Spielberg and with a Dinosaur fight at the end, then Jurassic World is the film for you. By the end of the movie, I felt like I had already seen the film before, and it was called Jurassic Park. The only real difference between World and Park is that the park is open to the public, but they do not utilize that to its fullest. There is only one scene where the general population is in any real danger. With World, taking place in the theme park there should have been a greater threat posed to the general population. That was the only con as far as I could see. The pros are certainly Chris Pratt, Jake Johnson, and Bryce Dallas Howard. My favorite part of the movie was an interaction between Johnson and Howard about Johnson’s character wearing a Jurassic Park t-shirt. Also, Michael Giacchino’s score was fantastic. The stuff he did was great and the way he incorporated John Williams’ iconic score was superb. This film could not have been scored without using Williams’ music. I hope Alexandre Desplat took notes because he too will have to incorporate some of John Williams’ music into his score for Star Wars: Rouge One.  

Overall I did enjoy the film despite some minor things, 3.25/5.

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