Spy Review

Spy is a fun action comedy from Paul Feig. This film essentially proves that Paul Feig knows how to get the most out of Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy’s last headlining film, Tammy, was a bomb and the other films that she had done with Feig, The Heat, and Bridesmaids did well. Reteaming Feig and McCarthy has thus far been doing well and by doing well, proving that this team is a team that works. The best parts of the film, I thought was the supporting cast, specifically the performance of Jason Statham. Statham proves that he has some serious comedic chops; a lot of Statham’s performance felt like it was improvised. I do not know if he improvised or if it was all scripted. A lot of it seems improvised. So, I am sure that as with many comedic performances it was a combination of improvisation and the script. I hope that this is the case because it was a great marriage of the two if it was a combination of the two. If his stuff was scripted, then that speaks strongly to the quality of Feig’s script. Strong supporting players also included Rose Byrne and Allison Janney.

Feig’s script and direction were also a strong part of the film. The jokes, for the most part, landed, were paced well, and mostly well crafted. It did feature McCarthy doing her McCarthy thing, which like many comic actors is starting to feel a little one-note.  Under Feig’s direction, McCarthy seems to shine. He knows how to make McCarthy work well and a lot of his ability to do this is surrounding her with a solid supporting cast. Overall, I enjoyed the film, it was a fun ride, as a big Bond fan I enjoyed the fact that the movie contained a pre-title sequence and Bond-like opening credits. I give the film a 3.75/5, a solid fun action comedy with great performances but just lacking enough to push it to a four.

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