Entourage Review

I have never seen an episode of Entourage, so I went into the film not really knowing about it. Overall I did enjoy the movie, although I do think that those who have seen the show might enjoy it more than the average moviegoer would. The only real criticisms of the film I have that are not the superficial it is a comedy, and it was not that funny crap. I wish the film were more of a satire of the industry that surrounds Hollywood rather than it being just an undercurrent of the movie. I would have liked to see the industry stuff take center stage. The other is the parade of cameos. Some of them work, because being Hollywood people they would just run into some of these people just hanging around. Some of them feel a little forced as if they wanted someone there just to have them there. One that worked was Kelsey Grammer, there are others that I thought worked as well, but they do feel like a parade, and that got quite tiresome.

I liked everyone in the cast except Adrian Grenier; that guy is not the one you would want to carry a film. I guess he is a fine enough lead for television but lacks the charisma to carry a major picture. I liked that it only ran 104 minutes, which was good because when you started getting to that 104 mark it started to feel like it was nothing more than a parade of cameos attached to a movie. I would say a solid 3/5, overall it is an enjoyable movie it tells you everything you need to know to jump into the film without having seen the show.

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