Aloha Review

Aloha was not a bad movie per se; it was more that it was a disappointing film. Disappointing because the talent involved in the movie, Cameron Crowe, Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel Mcadams, etc. only managed to create a film that was only ok. The highlight of the film was the story thread dealing with Cooper, Mcadams, and Stone. Everything else in the movie should have been left in the trash, that being the whole thing dealing with Hawaiian mythology and whatever old James Bond movie plot they had with Bill Murray’s character. I have no idea why they were there, just because I guess. They had nothing really to do with the rest of the movie that I could see. Those threads made the whole film feel disconnected because none of the stories connect in any overly significant way. At least the performances from the entire ensemble make the movie watchable. 2.75/5.

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