The Greatest Showman on Earth

This article is an older article from Deadline, but I came across it trying to find out more about The Greatest Showman on Earth. There is not much and IMDB has the release date listed for Christmas 2016, we are still a year and a half out so there would not be much out. The most exciting thing about this article is that this film marks the first original movie musical in two decades by a major Hollywood studio. The film Once was not from a major studio and Moulin Rouge was a jukebox musical.

I love musicals and, for the most part, have been content with the fact that Hollywood had been doing more adaptations of Broadway musicals since Chicago won Best Picture. Some theater nerd purists have criticized them for not including real Broadway singers. Rent had most of the original Broadway cast, and it did not do well critically or commercially, but that is something for another time. The main point being I was satisfied with these adaptations for the most part. Seeing and original movie musical from a major studio would be great because it would be great for Hollywood to do something it has not done since the so-called “Golden Age of Hollywood”. If The Greatest Showman on Earth proves to be a success then maybe, Hollywood does a few more and starts doing them with regular frequency again. It would be nice to have them alongside dramas, comedies, and blockbuster movies to give a wider variety of choices at the box office. Only doing adaptations can only get you so far, because then you get to the same place the blockbuster films are in where they would just remake the ones that worked. With blockbusters, you can have a different take on Batman, or an action blockbuster, at least in most cases, and it is more about making it stand apart from the film being remade. Remake Les Miserables, for example and the only thing that can be changed is casting a better singer in the role of Javert.

I am quite excited for this film and hope that it does do well, and hopefully with this musical hopefully we see Hugh Jackman, playing PT Barnum in the film, sing, AND dance.

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