Point Break Trailer

I am not sure why to do a remake of Point Break; there is nothing that feels different about it based on the trailer. The only reason I can think of for remaking Point Break is using the title for brand recognition instead of just doing a Point Break type movie. Honestly, it does not matter if the remake is lesser because it can just be ignored, and there will always be the original. The studio has little faith in this remake of being a huge blockbuster type movie. That is because they still have it as a Christmas release and at Christmas time this year Star Wars: The Force Awakens is also released. Point Break is going to be buried at the box office by Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the thing will come and go. On top of that the studio has little to no faith in Point Break. If the studio had any faith in Point Break whatsoever they would have moved it to either later in the summer or moved it to next spring to get it out of the way of Star Wars and maximizing its box office potential. Opening it with Star Wars gives the studio an excuse if (when) it bombs to say something like well the competition at the box office was terrible.

This article from Schmoes Know contains the trailer and a plot synopsis.


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