Vacation Trailer and Civil War

Two birds with one stone for this post. First, the red band trailer for the remake/sequel for Vacation. I was not overly excited for this particular movie to begin with; I am always skeptical of remakes especially for comedies that do not need one. What else can add to a film about a family vacation? I mean they have not changed that much in 30 years. The only drastic change was the smartphone changed how the vacation is captured via selfies instead of photographs, and that is hardly a premise for a whole movie. It is not like War Games where the technology in the film has been far surpassed by current technology and can be remade. This trailer did nothing to sell me on the movie either, except for that super meta-joke “I never even heard of the original vacation” “it doesn’t matter the new vacation will stand on its own”.

Second, Capitan America: Civil War has announced that almost every character introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will make an appearance in the film. Which means as I had been thinking since seeing Age of Ultron there will probably be seeds of what is to come in Civil War showing up in Ant-Man, possibly in the form of something akin to the superhero registration act? Though I doubt it will exactly that as the synopsis for Civil War says something about accountability for collateral damage, but certainly something similar to it will hopefully be brought into the MCU by the end of Ant-Man.

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