Pitch Perfect 2

I am excited for the movie Pitch Perfect 2, and it is not because I love Anna Kendrick and will see anything she is in because she is my future wife. It is because I liked Pitch Perfect, and it marks the directorial debut of Elizabeth Banks. Banks has long been an actress I admire whether it is in a film or on TV, seeing her in something completely sells me on it. There is little doubt that Banks is a great comedic actress, and personally I am curious as to what she can as a director. Directing and acting are two very different roles, and not that I am well studied on the craft of directing but I would think comedies would be more complicated especially for a rookie director because comedy relies so heavily on pace and timing. I believe that because Banks is a talented comedic actress that she will be able to understand the pacing and the time probably better than most other first-time directors.

Some of the reviews for the film have already started coming in, and it currently holds 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, I did not see a score for Metacritic. So far it looks like Banks delivered an acca-awesome sequel to the surprise hit, we will have to see what happens when it comes out and more reviews come in, I doubt the score fall drastically, though.

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