Age of Ultron Review (Updated 5/4)

After Seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron last night I will say that Whedon delivers a solid sequel. As of right now I would say the movie is a solid 3.5/5, I do plan on seeing it again to collect more concrete thoughts on what this film was overall. The strengths of the movie are certainly the visuals, both the fx and the cinematography; they were rather quite astounding. James Spader as Ultron was certainly the highlight of the film. Spader delivers a performance that is both comic and probably the most intimidating voice over since James Earl Jones did Darth Vader in Star Wars.

Now comes what I found to be the weaknesses of the film. One weakness being the emphasis on comedy, if you had stood outside the theater where the film was showing based on the reaction of the audience, you would have thought the film was a comedy. I thought a superhero movie was supposed to be an action film. Not that I have anything against the use of comic relief. The problem is using too much of it and turning a non-comedy film into a comedy. The next weakness is that while the film foreshadows the upcoming Infinity War installment that comes at the end of the decade. Ultron does little to set up Civil War, which immediately approaching. If there is any set up for Civil War, it is a muddled mess that left me confused as to exactly what (if any) implications the events of Ultron will have on Civil War.

While Age of Ultron delivers a solid sequel the cons of the film turn what would have normally been a 4/5 film into a 3.5/5 film, we will see what happens with this movie on a repeat viewing. Maybe the score will increase to 4/5 maybe it will remain unchanged.

UPDATE: It is a 4/5 movie, I still think it was too heavy on the humor, but the overall movie was well executed. The only additional thought I have is that I think Joss had a far grander vision for the film than what had been put into the final cut. There were parts of the movie that seemed telescoped and glossed over.

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